5 tips to relax and unwind during summer

All year long we are running after time trying to juggle every aspect of our life (kids, work, personal life, relationship, family, school, etc.). When Summer arrives we are often out of breath and really tired. So Summer is the perfect time to slow down, to relax and unwind and also to recharge our batteries.

I’ve listed 5 things to do that would help you relax and charge you batteries. I hope it will inspire you to slow down a little bit.


Taking an early morning walk
Is the perfect way to start your day without stress because there is no traffic sounds, the nature is waking up, the light is beautiful, the air is crisp and fresh and you are alone with yourself and your thoughts. Also, you will take time to breath and to be conscious of it. I guaranty you after your morning walk you will feel energize and ready to start your day.


Sitting in front of a lake
or a stream, or the sea or a river will definitely calm you down.


Take time to write your thoughts and your reflection in a notebook will help you clear you mind and feel free.


Meditation is really simple and everybody can do this. There are out there a ton of application that can guide you during your meditation. My favorites apps are Calm, Take a break!, Simply Being and Breathe & Relax. If you meditate for only 5 min it’s perfectly fine. Don’t put pressure on you to be the best at it.


Going to a Nordic spa.
This is one of my favorite things to do to relax and recharge my batteries. If you never try the thermotherapy you need to try it. It so calming. The thermotherapy consists at alternate hot, cold and relaxation. It generally has 5 to 7 steps that will require 2 hours. You can repeat those step 2 or 3 times if you want to stay at the spa all day.Also,o you can add at the end a message. At the end of the day you’ll be ZEN and RELAX

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