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Being more organize is THE resolution every woman makes every new year and I’m one of those. I like organization more specially I like to plan. I love to plan everything and anything in a planner.

The only struggle I have with planning is… finding the perfect planner. I feel like no planners can fulfill my needs. I’m a daily kind a girl so I need a daily planner. And on the market right now there is not a lot of choice of daily planners.

But after a lot of research I found a daily planner that is cute, functional, professional and that can fulfill most of my needs. Which is it? …. Drum roll…. It’s the Day designer by Whitney English. I’ve discovered this planner two or three years ago...I think and I loved it. Since I’m a planner junkie and I love planners, I like to try new planners so I ditch out my Day Designer this year and I regretted it. So I’ve decided to purchase a new one in August.

The Day designer planners come in two collections, the Flagship which is the original one and the A5 luxe collection.

What I Iike the most about those two collections is the design of the pages. The design is just perfect, it’s simple, clean, monochrome and minimalist. There is no funky and crazy color scheme like other popular planners out there. If you are like me and prefer clean and simple things in life you will really love the design of this planner. It’s also perfect for work because the planner looks really professional.

The Flagship collection has two size planners: the 9w X 9,75h and the Mini which is 6w X 8,125h. You can choose over 11 different covers for the larger one and 4 different covers for the Mini planner. There are 2 releases during the year for this collection. One in August for the Year edition and One in Spring for the Mid-Year edition. It retails between $49 and $59.


Flagship Collection - Day Designer -
Photo credit: Day Designer®


The A5 Luxe Collection is pricier… but there is a reason why. It’s a 6 rings refillable leather binder. It comes with an insert pack with undated daily and monthly pages. If you want to purchase a planner from this collection but you are not ready to pay $159 or you are vegan you can buy the 6 rings refillable vegan leather binder which is retail at $89.

A5 Luxe Collection - Day designer -
Photo credit: Day Designer®


Currently on the website the Mid-Year edition and the A5 Luxe Collection are available. But if you are like me and prefer a year planner, you need to put a notification on your phone for 11 AM CT (or 12 PM EDT) August 2, because Day designer will release the 2018-Year edition on their website. You need to know that they sell out very fast so you really need to put a notification on your phone if you want to purchase one of them.

Day designer ship internationally and for my Canadian readers the Flagship Collection is available online at

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