My morning routine | Week edition

Routine’s video on YouTube are my favorite one to watch, but each time I wonder, how the hell they could do all that every day? So many times I tried to a healthy morning routine in my life. But each time, after a few days, I was falling off the wagon. As a young professional who work full-time, my daily grind is pretty much work, commute, sleep which is really unhealthy. This routine has let me with no energy, no motivation and has given me a hard time to wake myself up every morning.

So, for a while now, I was looking for a morning routine that would suit me and that I would be able to completely integrate. After 3 months of trials and errors I finally got one that works for me.

I decided to start every week day at 5 h 30 AM to let myself breathe and not feeling rush. To be honest the first two weeks was really tough and I snooze almost every morning till 7 AM. It was bad, but I let my body adjust and now I don’t need any alarm anymore. Waking up at 5 h 30 AM now gives me 3 beautiful hours for myself before going to work.

The first thing that I do after waking up is to pour myself and to drink a liter of cold water. I never been the kind a girl who likes water and who drinks a lot a beverage. Actually, I always hated drinking water. I knew like everyone that drinking water was beneficial but I didn’t realize before the impact that it has on your body. Since I drink a liter of water every morning and that I drink another liter during the day I’ve seen a lot of positive changes. I have more energy in the morning (it completely replaces my morning dose of caffeine), my nails grow faster and are harder, I eliminate more regularly and my skin begin to improve for the better. While I’m drinking I usually read some blog post or searching for new bloggers to read. I also listen to the radio to catch up on some news since I don’t own any television anymore and I don’t have the cable.

At 6:00 – 6:30 AM I go for a 30-min walk to get myself moving a bit. For years now I want to get myself back in shape but I don’t have the motivation to go with my decision. If you have any tips for me, please leave them in the comment!!! I really need to find a way to put my mind into it.

When I come back from my morning walk I jump into the shower for a quick one, I complete my skin routine and I dress myself. I don’t have anymore a makeup routine include in my morning routine, I’ll probably do a post soon about the reason why I don’t wear any makeup anymore.

Everyday I end my morning routine with a good and healthy breakfast while catching up to some YouTube videos. This routine as really change my energy level in the morning and as get me more motivated to go to work.

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