2017 Summer vacation | Part 1

Last Summer, I visited for the first time in years a farmers' market. It was amazing to see all those producers reunited in one place sharing their passion with the people and being part of shopping local movement. It's really important for me to shop local as much as I can and to support our local farmers and craftsperson. So every Saturday morning of the Summer I went to that farmers market and bought my fresh fruits and veggies. When came berries season (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries) I bought loads of berries to be able to froze them for my smoothies until the next Summer.

Since I move to a new city, I wasn’t able this Summer to visit a farmers' market to buy my fresh fruits and veggies and to stock up my berries for the rest of the year. So when I visited my parents during my Summer vacation I took the opportunity to visit the blueberries farm of my parent’s friend to stock up on blueberries.

When I was young we often go raspberries or strawberries picking but we never did blueberries picking. So it was my first time visiting a blueberries farm and it was AMAZING!!! It was also a very special afternoon because I went with my dad. I think it was the first time in years that my dad and I did a activity just us two.

So we went blueberries picking on a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon at Alain Durocher’s Blueberries’ Farm. When we arrived, Alain Durocher, the owner of this small farm and my parent’s friend, welcomed us with his chill and friendly dog. He took the time to guide us around the fields so we could pick the best blueberries. While picking and eating a lot of blueberries we took the time to contemplate the beautiful view. The farm is on a hill overlooking a beautiful green valley. It took us around 45-mins to 1 h to pick up over 11 pounds of fresh blueberries. It was so much fun to take that time with my dad.

We ate a lot of them during our week in a rental chalet, but I was able to freeze a good quantity for my smoothie, oatmeal and recipes.  Hopefully next Summer I’ll be able to visit a farmer’s market. I hope that I have been able to I inspire you to go fruits picking, it such a good activity to do with friends and family.

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