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A home is the reflection of who we are.  So since I've just moved to my new place and since I've just launched this new site, I thought it would be cool for you to learn a little bit more about me through my home.

Throughout the weeks and months to come I'll posts several articles in which I'll present you a room or a part of my home. All those articles will be include in a series call Welcome to my home (WTMH).  So for the first article of the series  I'm welcoming you to my hallway.

Welcome to my Hallway

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The first thing that people see when they enter your home is your hallway or vestibule.  The hallway is the first impression that people have you. So it needs to reflect right away who you are .

When you enter my home immediately your are attracted by the gold rond mirror overhanging a shelf that my dad made years a ago. The shelf contains bit and bobs that I collected through the years like candles holder, a *bottle of cold brew coffee that I upcycled and a plant. Those bit and bobs change throughout the seasons and my mood. I also use one of the candle holder as my key holder.

Underneath the shelf I put a plant just to give a pop of color and to bring some life to my hallway. And there is also a wooden *shoes rack where I keep my favorite shoes in stand by.

The rest of my hallway is pretty free of stuff.  I don't like the feeling of being buried under my thoughts or my work or my stuff. So I keep my space clean, minimal and airy. The only rules that I have for the decor of my home are:

1. Keep it simple

2. Keep it airy

3. Choose a natural color scheme

4. Add some shine

5. Select one or two statement pieces by room

6. Keep it minimal

7. Upcycle: find new purpose to old objects.

8. Apply the 5 R rules of zero waste : Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot.

It's difficult to apply the last R "Rot" in a home decor process but at least you can apply the first 4!!!

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